Diamonds 15G (1/2oz) Badder Signature Blend - Connoisseur Dabs - 3 Flavor Profile Choices (aka Blunt Butter)

Puffington's Vault (The Speakeasy)

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1/2 Ounce (15G+) Diamond Badder! That's right!  Everything is a lil' over weight!  Premium Blend of Connoisuer Grade Concentrates and Isolates with All-Natural Terpenes.

Maximum Entourage Effect Available in 3 Premium Flavor Profiles!

This is Puffington's signature blend of 7 all-natural premium concentrates and isolates.  Enjoy intricate layers of flavor with brutal potency. Dab/Vape/Top

Terp Profiles (see pull down menu)

  • Louie Glue
  • Diesel Berry
  • Pineapple Diesel

Connoisuer dabs at the best prices anywhere!


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